What is the Five Pillar Process?

In the world of business, many companies develop different strategies and processes when conducting. Many are very successful and others just quite can’t get going correctly. After working with and evaluating countless businesses in the Western part of the United States, we’ve noticed a pattern. That many businesses had most, but not all, of these five pillars that we believe every business should have: Branding, Business Development, Marketing, Online Development, and Sales.

At first, we tried to help small businesses grow by simply helping them implement and structure the pillar they were lacking in. But then we noticed that they would forget about another important pillar and again their business would come to a stall and sales would begin to either plateau or fall short of their goals. So we decided to create a process that not only helped their business growth but also allowed small businesses to create a self sustaining business by simply managing the Five Pillar Process.

Before trying to jam new sales avenues or developing growth hacking techniques for their businesses, we always assess each individual small business for their Branding. A unique and genuine Brand Identity is crucial for any small business trying to grow locally. Without an individual voice or business appearance, how would customers connect with a small business and build trust? That is why we always work on Branding first because this will layout will allow the other pillars to take shape easier. With a well-designed Brand, a business structure can be created faster, the Marketing can now reflect the businesses Identity and Voice, Online Development with be more appealing and generate a higher click rate, and sales will be easier just by the trust a potential customer receives from the repetitiveness of a well-branded business.

After Branding we move on to the Business Development Pillar. Here is where we look over the Business Plan and Structure if they have one. We focus on the overview of the Business and evaluate its course to see if it aligns with the vision of the Business Model the small business has. Then we create strategic plans to either get back on course if the business has fallen off its plan or even present newer ideas where a business can apply to generate local growth. Many small businesses never realize that their businesses actually have the potential for expansion and growth possibilities until there is a voice from outside of their organization that is viewing from the outside-in. Every small business can grow their business and pursue higher goals if and only if they truly want to achieve them, and we are able to present these paths during our second pillar process phase.

We then begin creating a well organized Marketing Strategy plan after the Branding and Business Development is effectively structured. Knowing what the Brand Identity and Business Structure, Marketing becomes more fluid and can be launched to the right audience at the right time using the correct portals. With our Marketing team and the small businesses Marketing Department, we now can begin developing these Marketing Strategies and deploy them correctly to boost your ROI.

Next, we take the small businesses current Online profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google My Business, etc. and evaluate their feeds and audience. If the small business does not have these or a Mobile Responsive Website, we would usually begin there since we can’t effectively perform our job without having a proper online presence. Having your business Online is crucial to building a following and generating new leads. Many businesses believe that they are fine without “The Internet” but studies show that by 2020, the majority of the US Population will be not only searching online but will be using Voice Search to search online. That means that if your business, products, or services are not properly embedded online, your business will be taken by those that have already put their business Online.

Lastly, we move into the Sales, or what we like to call the Customer Acquisition and Retention, Pillar. After having the previous pillars up and running, the Sales Pillar is a process in which we take your Branding, Business, Marketing, and Online Presence and we generate strategies to turn leads into paying customers. We live by the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” During our last Pillar Process, we teach effective Sales strategies to your business and employees, not just your sales team! Everyone should know what goes into the sales process to acquire customers and to know how to keep them coming back. And by properly having the entire Five Pillars at work, your Branding, Business, Marketing, Online, and Sales, your team will feel pride when showing up to work every day. This process isn’t just to make your business profitable, it’s so that your employees and community prosper as well.

If your business needs one or more of these Five Pillars, we are more than happy to schedule a meeting to give you some free advice and to present you our strategic plans so that together we can build a stronger foundation for your business.

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