5 Tips for a Lead Generating Landing Page

Lead generation is a tricky business, you never want to come off too pushy in acquiring information about prospects but you also don’t want to allow these people to be a ghost to your business because then how will you be able to convert them into paying customers! So we compiled 5 tips for generating quality leads via a Landing Page.

Tip #1: Ask and you shall receive-

Many high earning businesses have one thing in common, they ask their prospects for their contact information at the beginning of every point of contact. So a great landing page should do that for you, it should get the basic contact information for their visitors to begin the tango dance of a potential sale. By simply offering your call-to-action, for example “set an appointment”, it should ask for their name, email, phone, and what times are best to call or set that appointment. This valuable information should be collected and stored in your crm or cms with a note of how you first came in contact with this person. Then you get to begin the dance until you close that sale. But now with that information stored away, you can continue with a simple customer retention process to keep them coming back.

Tip #2: Keep your Call-to-Action Simple!-

We’ve seen soooo many websites and landing pages out there and to be honest a lot of them have way too much information and even are confusing to the point that visitors just clickback and move on to other businesses that offer the same service. A proper Landing Page should be straight to the point and definitely should have one Call-to-Action embedded into the page. There are tons of different Call-to-Actions out there and maybe your business relies on not just one, but that is why many landing pages fail because they give visitors way too many options on a single page and the percentage of conversion drops, just by giving them too many options. If you want multiple Call-to-Actions then create multiple landing pages and add the proper content and then you can send them the right url link that they would best convert with. An example would be, if you we’re a construction company and wanted to generate more leads for giving job estimates. Well your main Call-to-Action could be mulitple like a call now button, make an appointment, or even a job estimator where you would embed a database of prices into pricing estimator and visitors can create general price estimate before even contacting your business. There are so many different scenarios of how to effectively use a Call-to-Action but remember that you only need one on a Landing Page.

Tip #3: Get Straight to the Point-

Many landing pages try to dupilcate a business website home page and they fail to convert on the traffic. A landing page is not your main website! A landing page should have one objective and the content written on that page should represent that every time. When someone clicks on your link via search or social media, they’re going to want what they want in less that 8 seconds. That’s a fact! And if your page starts off as how grandpa came to america with a dream to open this business or how great your business is, they might clickback and find someone else. Get straight to the point! If you are a restaurant, people will click to see your menu. If you are a musician, people will click to hear yout music. If you are a hair salon, people want to make an appointment. Get straight to the point!

Tip #4: Learn How to use Emails-

We can build the most effective Landing Pages with the best click rate, but if our clients don’t know how to collect and use emails, then what wad it all for? Emails are a crucial part of not just lead generation but turning leads into SALES, GROWTH, and MONEY! Mailchimp is a powerful tool we use to collect, store, and deliver emails to our customers. They’re many other platforms that can help you create a database as well but you also need to learn the process of emailing. Many think, “Oh I’m just going to send them my website url to everyone and they’ll buy” but that’s how you become a spammer and you definitely don’t want that. An email should only be sent to someone that has interest in a service or product you offer and when they open it it should get to the point fast. But sending them an email with a link to a landing page that converts, now we’re talking about higher conversion rates for your business.

And lastly, Tip #5: Offer an Incentive-

Now a days businesses are creating Landing Pages that offer something for free to get the visitor to engage with the business. A free estimate is always nice or like us here at InstaClicks.NET we always offer 10% off to our new customers. These incentives will make the new leads feel good about your business and will more likely do business with you. Think about your business and what could you giveaway for the chance to make that visitor into a lead and then into a customer. And make it clear and transparent of what they need to do for that prize, that could be fill out a form or call now to receive it, etc. Just don’t giveaway things that would end up hurting your profits in the long run.

Well thank you for reading our post and we all here hope you got something out of it! If you would like to learn more about a certain topic, just send us a message and we’ll be sure to write about.

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